September 16, 2011


Rob Carpenter (Skully’s Family Fun)

Tel: 630-568-9898

Robert Veach (Jefferson Graveyard)


Tel: 630-553-8697


The Jefferson Graveyard Show to Haunt Oswego, Illinois!

The Elaborate life-sized, Disney-quality animatronics Halloween show called The Jefferson Graveyard Show started in 1997 in Naperville, Illinois and quickly became a favorite Chicagoland Halloween tradition with adults and families.  The show has been featured on local news channels ABC, CBS, NBC, WGN, and CLTV.  It has also been covered in numerous local news papers.

Seven animatronics ghouls come to life to tell and sing a chilling 10-minute Halloween story set in an eerie graveyard, which includes sound, music, lighting effects, and smoke.

The show narrator Skully tells of that fateful night in 1904 when Skully and friends were playing with a Ouija Board.  They were tricked by Demonic Spirits who turned them into ghouls and now force them to try and scare the life out of people each Halloween.  Their souls will not be freed until they are successful.

Two brothers–two of them; Robert and Steve Veach, created the concept and developed the electronics, life-sized characters, lighting, music, and computer programs for the show.  The show has drawn thousands of people over the years and has a loyal following.

For the 2011 Halloween season the show will be featured at Skully’s Family Fun located at 1700 Plainfield Road, Oswego, IL 60543.  Skully’s Family Fun will be open Sat/Sun Oct 22/23, Sat/Sun Oct 29/Oct 30.  Hours are Sat 11 am - 7 pm.  Sun 1 pm - 7 pm.

Chicago Animatronics was formed in 1998 by Veach to provide special effects and prop creation services to the indie film and TV industry and to support The Jefferson Graveyard Show.  Credits for Chicago Animatronics include an independent film produced by Alpha Flicks titled Haciendo el Amor...Brujo as well as a television documentary produced by The History Channel, titled Conspiracy.  The Majestic 12: UFO Cover up.

Download the PDF file Press Release for The Jefferson Graveyard Show.