It all started one innocent night long ago on All Hallows Eve in 1904.  Four friends were looking to have a few laughs.  They decided to bring out an old Ouija board one of them had stored away in the attic.  They all took turns asking questions and watching the board spell out their answers. They were having a good time until one of them asked what they should be for Halloween.

The Ouija board spelled out that they would become the very essence of Halloween that very night!  Before they even knew what was happening, each of them was changed into a Jefferson Graveyard ghoul right there on the spot!

The Demonic Spirits of the Ouija board bring them back each Halloween to try and scare the life out of people.  If they don’t, the Spirits will never set their souls free...


The Four friends that were changed into Jefferson Graveyard ghouls are Skully, RIP, Mort, and Ghoulie.  The Demonic Spirits materialize through an old tombstone and they use a horrifying creature, Vampira to do their bidding.  A host of supporting characters all add “life” to the show including Winston, the Raven, and the Blood-bath Fountain Skulls.